Batman is one of the most popular superhero characters in the world. Most of the people want to be like Batman as a child. Batman cartoons and the movies are loved by people around the world. Batman toys are still making a person good parent to the children.Gotham archives contain some most popular things from people’s lifestyle.

The first movie of Batman was named after the character. Michael Keaton was the lead character playing the role of Batman. After the first one,Batman Returns was published and Michael Keaton developed himself in this part. But in the third Val Kilmer was signed to play the role of Batman and he also acted in two movies of the series. Soon after Val Kilmer, Christian Bale played the role of Batman.

The lead actor changes quite often but the main characteristics of Batman remain the same. But usually,Batman fights new villains in every movie. Only Joker came twice in the series. In the Batman begins the Joker returned with the origin of Batman. The Batman fights the bad guy in every movie. The makers of Batman has made the series interesting by developing different characters for the bad guy. The bad guy differs in his views and tries to create afuss around the city of Gotham. Then the Batman tries to save his beloved city from the bad guy. In the first movie of Batmanseries, the villain was the Joker. The best enemy of Batman till now. Joker represents the imbalance as well as thedeep resemblance of thesocietal disorder. Joker is creative, mentally sick as well as shows the imbalance of the society. After Joker Penguin and Cat women came. The movie shows how the villains are created. The makers of the movie successfully showed the reason of why bad people become bad. They are mentally sick but the society cannot blame them for being bad. Their difficult life situations made them the way they are.Also, there are characters who came to help Batman in his difficult times. For example, Robin came in Batman Forever to help Batman to fight against Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze.

Batman costumes are one of the most popular among the comic fans. In Halloween, people wear Batman costumes. Some people even decorate the house or even a city with the theme of Gotham. And represents the as Batman. People gather dressed up like superheroes and villains from the Batman series. Also, there are Batwoman costumes for the female fans. Some people choose to be avillain. Mr. Freeze or Joker for the male fans and Poison Ivy and Catwoman for the female members. The most popular male costume is obviously the Batman costume and the most popular female costume is the Wonder Woman costume. But Joker is the most popular among the male villains. However, a female fan should avoid Wonder Woman costume if the festival is crowdie.

Batmanamazes the people who were kids in 90s and also the kids who have not still stepped in their teenage.